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Perricone MD Face Wash + Cleansers

Think of washing your face as a base camp for your skin. Equally as important is the type of cleanser you use. We all know that using that sliver of bar soap you found in the shower is a big no-no. It can wreak total havoc on your skin.

We are always in search of a cleanser that is gentle and doesn't strip our skin of natural oils. We've found it in Perricone MD's Daily Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser removes our makeup and impurities without drying out our skin. Daily Foaming cleanser can be used on sensitive skin and around the eyes.

We chill just by admiring at the gorgeous blue color of the Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment. Lucky for us this non-rinse treatment does more than keep us looking gorgeous, it does beautiful things for our skin. Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment lightly exfoliates our skin and removes our makeup. Now you can ban those drying face washes to the circular file.

Let Nutrive Cleanser take over where the other facial washes left off. Leaves your face hydrated, radiant and refreshed.


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