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Perricone MD Eye Creams + Treatments

We know that every effective skincare routine must include a daily dose of sunscreen to keep photoaging at bay. While we have been diligent about slathering on our SPF, some of us are not as committed to putting on that other critical player in our skincare regime, eye cream.

Despite all the attention we lavish on our eyes, shadow, mascara, liner and primer, they are the very first place on our face that show aging because the skin around the eyes is so fragile. If you are like us and have begun noticing tiny lines, you are going to want to reach for the very best products out there.

Perricone MD features the active ingredients we want to stave off aging and to correct the damage and address those stubborn crow's feet. Cold Plasma Plus Eye, a first cousin to the famous Cold Plasma anti-aging treatment for the face, performs the miraculous on our eyes. It tightens, irons out crow's feet improve elasticity and brightens up under the shadows under our eyes.

Dark rings are cute on a raccoon but not on us. Advanced Eye Area Therapy brightens, hydrates and banishes them those dark circles under our eyes. In clinical trials, 90% of users who applied the product continuously for four weeks showed improvement.

Vitamin C for the eyes? We'll take it. Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum hydrates and delivers powerful antioxidants to fight photoaging. Thank you, Dr. P, for keeping our sensitive sisters in mind with Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream. It firms and hydrates without irritating delicate skin.


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