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Perricone MD Facial Oils

Perricone MD facial oils are transforming our skin care routine at b-glowing. Dr. Perricone is a board-certified dermatologist to celebs and socialites. If you're looking to get an appointment at his Fifth Avenue Manhattan clinic, you're probably going to have to wait - even celebrities have to wait months to get in to see this doctor.

But what's so special about Dr. Perricone? To put it simply, this man knows what skin needs. How else do you get your hands on hundreds of patents for unique and innovative skin care treatments? In the field of dermatology, Dr. Perricone and his line of Perricone MD skin care treatments are truly revolutionary.

Dr. Perricone prefers not to use invasive treatments like Botox on his patients. Instead, he developed his own regimen of advanced and potent skin care treatments focused on results. Combined with plenty of exercise and a diet packed with superfoods, Dr. Perricone's system achieves youthful, glowing skin.

Not ready to wait months for an appointment with the man himself? Now you can experience the transformative results of Perricone MD without the trip to the dermatologist. Get a taste of truly amazing results with Perricone MD The Fixer Solid Oil. This blend of natural oils is the solution for rebalancing dry and irritated skin.

This unique oil-gel complex is solid and lightweight to deliver instant non-greasy hydration. Use it wherever you need hydration the most - hair, skin or nails. We love how soft and supple our cuticles are after a dose of this oil.


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