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Perricone MD Facial Serums

Who knew that stopping time was as easy as pressing "pause" on "YouTube?" Dr. Perricone did. Serums are sheerer than moisturizers and deliver potent ingredients deep into the skin to heal and repair. We all know that those tiny feathers around the lips don't pair well with lipstick, causing it to wander.

Perricone MD saves us from this makeup disaster with Vitamin C Ester Serum. This light, elegant serum is packed with hydrating vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that also brightens the skin. This fabulous find retexturizes those teeny lip lines to keep our lipstick firmly in place.

Those aging nasolabial folds - the deep crevasses that run between the nose and the corner of the lips that make us look five years older are hereby warned that they should be getting ready to meet their maker.

Perricone MD's Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum combines glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to exfoliate lightly and to plump up those deep furrows. We are swooning over the results. Our skin is firm but soft. Our face is smooth, deep furrows are diminished, and we are glowing.

We know about the mind-body connection, but what about the mind-skin connection? That's a new one for us. It turns out neuropeptides facilitate communication between cells. Perricone MD has suspended neuropeptides into the lux, formulation Neuropeptide Instant Serum.

Turns out, neuropeptides promote communication between cells. Perricone has suspended neuropeptides in Neuropeptide Instant Serum as well. The result is instant tightening and firmer, brighter skin.


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