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Peter Thomas Roth Body Moisturizers

Formulating the perfect skin care product for daily use requires immense dedication to detail and understanding of how each ingredient impacts various skin types. Moisturizing breathes life into your skin. The right moisturizer leaves skin bouncy, youthful and hydrated. The wrong moisturizer leaves skin feeling clammy or simply isn't impactful.

From digging up natural and proven historical formulations, to traveling around the world to generate new, advanced skin care products, Peter Thomas Roth, always finds a way to elevate skin care. Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer is filled with cleverly selected vitamins and nutrients that give the skin an instant sheen and a pillow sensation to the touch. Whether you want to shine while you're out and about, or you're protecting your skin from the elements, Peter Thomas Roth body lotion has a formula for all skin types and needs.

Experience the luxury that is Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion for your daily moisturizing routine. The results are addictive. You never get that clammy feeling, but rather an instant sensation of soft and glowing skin. Filled with revitalizing Vitamin C, hydrating vitamin E and nourishing pro-vitamin B5, Mega Rich Body Lotion offers a soothing, yet invigorating impact on the skin that you can depend upon, day after day.


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