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Peter Thomas Roth Scalp + Hair Treatments

You could say that the personal care industry was in Peter Thomas Roth's blood, so to speak. That's because his family operated two spas in his native Hungary, using Hungarian thermal water to sooth and restore health. People traveled across the country to soak in those springs and reap the benefits from the mud and minerals in the springs, as well as the water.

He learned from his family that quality ingredients that pack a powerful punch make a real difference. And he learned from his own personal experience in treating his acne by making his own skin care products with healing formulas. Roth is a firm believer in good ingredients in his product line, with enough molecules of those ingredients to make a real difference. That's why we are channeling Bruno Mars when we say we love the 24 karat magic in these Peter Thomas Roth scalp and hair treatments. The 24K Gold Pure Luxury Hair Mask Treatment contains real gold to sooth and smooth dry, color-treated, and limp hair, leaving lustrous locks in its place. The 24K Mask is suitable for all hair types as it transforms hair with its powerful moisturizing and revitalizing ingredients like biotin, vitamins, and shea butter, as well as gold.


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