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Peter Thomas Roth Shampoo

Peter Thomas Roth had a problem with acne, and didn't like the products out there. So he devised his own skin care products to help his skin. And the rest is history-or at least the beginnings of a great personal care brand.

Since Peter Thomas Roth had his own eureka moment, his company has devised over 100 personal care products. The company's brand philosophy is about "breakthrough formulas" leading to "astonishing results." Roth is still hands-on in developing products, trotting around the globe to find the best ingredients for everything from moisturizer to sunscreen to shampoo, all of which are state of the art products that indeed offer astonishing results.

That's what a study of 34 women in ages ranging from 19 to 65 who used the Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo discovered. The shampoo is infused with biotin as well as vitamins, and it has shown terrific results. After just three days of use, 94% of the participants in the study thought their hair looked shinier, more nourished, and just plain healthier after its use. Most of them also thought their hair looked better and felt silkier and smoother. We also love the way it makes our hair feel and look, and the unisex scent is pleasant, too.


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