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Limited Edition Special FX Brush Set

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A limited edition Special FX brush set created by internationally acclaimed makeup artist Bruna Nogueira.

• Star-quality. Each Sigma FX brush offers the same quality, control and precision as brushes used in Hollywood TV and movie make-up.
• Precise. Each brush is specially designed for detailed artistry and special effects.
• Suitable for everyday—as well as special FX—makeup application.
• Made from super-soft, high quality synthetic fibers.

Each Sigma FX brush has super-soft, densely packed bristles that sweep gently across face and skin. The high-quality synthetic fibers are hygienic, non-irritating and cruelty free. Each FX brush is designed to provide the most even, precise, controlled application imaginable.

Want to take your makeup game to the next level? Go pro with this exclusive FX brush kit from Sigma. Superstar makeup artist Bruna Nogueira—whose credits include high-profile films like The Hunger Games—curated this collection, so you know it's the real deal. It contains eleven FX brushes to help you create amazingly detailed looks. If you can imagine it, these brushes will help you execute it! From drawing teeny-tiny hairs and scratches to stippling out a fake bruise, this kit you blend, build and buff your way to makeup perfection. Bonus! It's also great for everyday makeup application.

Formulated without animal hair or cruelty.

Special FX Functions:
FX1: The two different lengths of brush fibers allow for creation of scratches over any area of the body. 
FX2: The density of the synthetic fibers are perfect for adding latex and glue to the skin when applying prosthetic pieces.
FX3: Best used with latex and glue remover to make the prosthetic removal process effortless.
FX4: The soft and fluffy brush head is perfect for applying translucent setting powder to any makeup application.
FX5: The small brush head allows for precise application of setting powder to hard to reach areas.
FX6: The densely packed bristles make it easy to stamp out larger bruises on the skin.
FX7: A bit smaller than the FX6, the shorter bristles are perfect for creating and blending out smaller bruises. 
FX8: Similar to the FX1 brush, the different lengths of fiber are perfect for creating small scratch marks to a more concentrated area.
FX9: The shape and angle of the brush provides the perfect size and application of large veins, age spots and glue application.
FX10: Smaller than the FX9, this brush is ideal for creating fine vein lines and age lines onto the face.
FX11: The small silicone tip is perfect for precisely adding facial hair and hair prosthetics to the skin.

Everyday Beauty Functions:
FX1: This brush is ideal for softly applying cream products onto the face, such as cream blush or highlighter.
FX2: The shape of this brush allows for a sharp, defined contour to the face.
FX3: The length of the fibers work great for applying foundation primer seamlessly to the skin.
FX4: The smaller fluff shape fits perfectly under the eye to set concealer.
FX5: The duo fiber allows for a sheer wash of color when using a damp brush to apply loose shimmers. 
FX6: The round, compact shape of this brush is great for blending out cream or liquid concealer.
FX7: The short, densely packed fibers are best used for diffusing lip liner for a precise finish.
FX8: This unique brush will feather brow powder onto the brow for a wearable runway look.