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Susanne Kaufmann

b-glowing is proud to be an authorized retailer of skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann.

Susanne Kaufmann’s products are created in the Bregenzer Forest, a magical valley in the Austrian Alps. Here, it’s simply a way of life to honor and utilize the healing powers of nature. Susanne Kaufmann carried her childhood fascination for the healing powers of plants into adulthood to create the Susanne Kaufmann spa at the Hotel Post Bezau in Austria. Collaborating with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, she’s developed an internationally renowned and powerful results-oriented line derived from precious natural ingredients. 

The next best thing to visiting Suzanne’s incredibly gorgeous and luxurious spa is to draw yourself a hot bath, make a nice cup of chamomile tea (or, heck, a big glass of merlot) and indulge in these skin-saving products.


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