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Source Showerhead Replacement Filter

$ 25 SIZE 9.1 oz

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A showerhead filter for the Source Showerhead.


  • Mineral Mixture (Calcium Sulfide, Zinc, and Copper). Reduces free chlorine and eliminates hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt, and sediment.
  • Long-lasting. The filter lasts about six months or about every 10,000 gallons.
  • Use with T3 Source Showerhead (sold separately).


As the filter removes unwanted minerals and odors, your water will be pure and clean, providing an optimal cleansing experience.

If you love the T3 Source Showerhead, you'll want to have some refill filters on hand. As the filter effectively removes dirt, free-chlorine, unwanted minerals and odors the water that comes through is pure and free of anything that can cause your hair to be dull or dry. Boost your shower experience and replace your showerhead filters every six months or about ever 10,000 gallons. The filter is easy to change and improves your showering experience tremendously.

Unscrew the top and bottom halves of the T3 Source Showerhead. Remove used filter and recycle by puncturing screen and emptying contents into garden or flushing down the drain. Recycle plastic container. Remove O-ring from inside T3 Source Showerhead and clean as necessary. Lightly lubricate O-ring groove inside showerhead with Vaseline® before re-installing ring. Remove sticker from each end of a new filter. Drop in new filter and screw housing halves together. Flush with hot water for a full 1 minute before showering.