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The Best ORIGINS Products
— According to Your Skin Concern —

We’ve all got issues—skincare issues, that is. An oily complexion that gets so shiny you could touch up your lippy in its reflection? Been there. Dark spots from that spring break you spent in Cabo—you know, the one where you forgot your sunblock? We understand. Thankfully, every skin problem has an ORIGINS solution. Fusing proven plant extracts with advanced scientific technique, ORIGINS’ crafts concern-driven skincare to cover every complexion need. So whether you're with dealing acne, pore size, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines, read on to discover a solution tailored to you.

- concern -
Redness and irritation

Not all redness is created equal. A post-workout flush, for example? Beautiful! Red, hot, lumpy, itchy, rash-like redness? Not so cute. Specially formulated for super sensitive, reactive skin, the Dr. Andrew Weil for ORIGINS Mega-Mushroom collection keeps your complexion cool, calm and collected. Infused with ultra-soothing reishi mushroom, the line helps comfort and relieve visible redness in sensitive skin. Bonus! The collection is so gentle, it’s suitable for everyone—even those suffering from rosacea or eczema.

- concern -
Dryness, dehydration, loss of moisture

Is your complexion itchy, dull, and tight year ‘round, regardless of the weather? If you said "yes," you most likely have a dry skin type. Chronically dry skin is the result of a not-quite-sealed moisture barrier, and requires extra-special love and attention—namely, a hefty dose of moisture and gentle, gentle cleansing. Thankfully, ORIGINS is here to quench your skin’s insatiable thirst. Not only do these moisture-packed picks rehydrate and replenish your skin, but they also prevent future loss of hydration by protecting skin’s natural moisture barrier. From an ultra-gentle cleanser, to an intensive, overnight hydrating mask, to a moisturizer that repairs damaged cells, your skin will drink it all in.

- concern -
Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and loss of radiance

Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dullness dragging you down? Look on the bright side with these ORIGINS glow-getters. Designed to undo UV damage, fade acne spots, and lighten up a dull complexion, they make a perfect addition to any skincare routine. Below, our favorite radiance-boosters—feel free to mix, match, or use them all together.

- concern -
Fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging

At b-glowing, we’re all about embracing your age. But as a beauty company, our mission is to help you look and feel the best you can in your skin. For many women, that means smoothing away fine lines, firming, and plumping their skin. Enter ORIGINS’ Plantscription and A Perfect World collections. While both lines aim to maintain skin’s youthfulness, Plantscription is focused on the existing signs of age—think smoothing away wrinkles, firming, and lifting the skin. A Perfect World is concerned with age prevention, shielding skin from environmental aggressors and premature signs of aging. We recommend mixing and matching products from both lines for a two-pronged approach to aging gracefully. See below for our age-defying ORIGINS faves:

- concern -
Large pores, acne, and excess oil

Oily-skinned gals know: battling oil and acne without stripping, drying, and resorting to harsh ingredients is no easy feat. The fix? ORIGINS’ gentle-yet-effective treatments.Their Zero Oil line helps to minimize excess shine and give skin a matte finish, while their Clear Improvement products tackle pore perfection. To help you on your quest for clear skin, we’ve rounded up our favorite ORIGINs oil-fighters, including a frothy, non-drying cleanser, an oil-free moisturizer, and a deeply purifying mask. Use them all together, or swap into your routine as needed.

Bath & Body

It's not just your face that can benefit from good skincare—ORIGINs also has an array of body washes, creams and scrubs to show the rest of your skin some love.

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