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The Look of the Moment: Holiday Survival


why we love this look

Ah, the holidays! On one hand, food, fun, and festivities. (Yay!) On the other hand, stress, stretched schedules, and a minefield of potential beauty blunders. (Bah!) To top it all off, it’s soirée season, which means you’ll want to look party-perfect…well, pretty much always. That’s where we come in: we’ve gathered up our tried-and-true tips, tricks and product picks to keep you looking polished through the late holiday nights (and the mornings after).

what we used to create this look


Getting ready for a big night out? These foolproof products will have you prepped and party-pretty ‘til the clock strikes midnight.

Prep your skin with NuFACE

Get a lift

In a perfect world, we’d get our skin holiday-ready with a facial, but who's got the time? When we need a little last-minute lift, we look no further than our trusty NuFace. This hand-held device helps skin look better in five minutes flat, leaving it noticeably tighter, firmer and more toned. And since microcurrent treatments don’t require any down time, NuFace is a permanent staple in our party-prep routines.

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Lash out

We’ll let you in on a little secret—your eyelash curler might be the most important tool in your beauty arsenal. Before swiping on mascara, we like to prep our lashes with Surratt Beauty’s cult curler. It makes your eyelashes look AMAZING, drawing the eye upwards to freshen up our entire look. Bonus! Surratt’s lash curler works on ALL eye shapes, meaning there’s no painful pinching and pulling!

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Curl your lashes without damage with Surratt Beauty's Lash Curler
CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir

Mist yourself

If you ask us, super-dewy skin is the best party accessory. Caudalie’s famous Beauty Elixir is packed with both brightening and clarifying ingredients to give you a fresh, lit-from-within glow in a flash. If you’re headed to a party after work, just pop a bottle in your purse—seriously, this spray is like a shot of espresso for your skin, giving your complexion a burst of dewy hydration.

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Drink up

Got a party later? To keep your complexion supple, dewy, and ready for its closeup, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated helps your skin look its absolute best, plumping it from the inside out for a fresh, rested appearance. Even better? Water helps detoxify your system after all the binge drinking and overeating that accompanies the holiday season.

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bkr spiked water bottle


The holidays are the merriest—and most stressful—time of the year. In between the season's many obligations, it’s important to practice self-care. Put yourself on your list with these four ultra-pampering products:

peter thomas roth 24k gold mask

Go for the gold

This gold-infused mask is the ultimate indulgence for your skin, and the closest thing to getting a luxury spa treatment at home. The rich formula is infused with pure 24-Karat Gold and Colloidal Gold to tighten, firm, and de-stress the skin. Not ALL that glitters is gold, but this opulent treatment sure is!

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Spend time in the tub

When we’re feeling stressed—or sore from a night of dancing in heels—nothing beats a hot, relaxing soak. To make the most of our time in the tub, we like to add this calming whey bath. The soothing formula works to fortify skin’s natural defenses, accelerate healing, and ward against infection. The best part? It helps re-center our spirits and establish equilibrium, so we feel calm, rested, and ready for the jam-packed days ahead.

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Susanne Kaufmann Herbal Whey Bath
Get your beauty rest with iluminage sleep mask

Get your beauty rest

Sleep is one of our favorite hobbies, but it’s also a powerful tool in our self-care kit. Seriously—missing out on zzzs makes us more likely to stress-eat and give off grumpy, grinch-like vibes. This holiday season, treat yourself to the ultimate beauty rest with this super soft sleep mask from iluminage. The thick, silky material delivers skin benefits while shutting out distracting light, giving you the most beautiful night’s sleep EVER.

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Supplement smartly

During the holiday season, a lot of focus is placed on what we SHOULDN’T eat and drink, but what about what we SHOULD? If you’re feeling “blah” due to lack of sleep and stress, a supplement can give you the boost your body needs. From enhancing energy levels to improving skin and hair, these supplements will get you through the season in good health and spirits.

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Skin and Hair Beauty Supplements


‘Tis the season of beauty sins: skimping on sleep, sipping one too many glasses of chardonnay, and going to bed with makeup on. Here’s what to do when you wake up just a little worse for wear:

protect and repair your lips with Oribe lip balm

Pamper Your Pout

Maybe it’s the cold air, or the fact that we’re wearing way more lip color than normal, but the holidays really suck the life out of our lips. A lip balm is a must-have for winter, but not just any formula will do—we recommend something ultra-rich and luxe, like this creamy balm from Oribe. It's infused with natural plant oils to help repair and protect your pout from the harsh winter weather.

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Sleepness nights and a stretched schedule interfering with your beauty sleep? A CC concealer will be your bff, helping you camouflage the evidence—AKA dark circles and shadows. Choose a color based on your unique undertones: red neutralizes deep blues and green, peach brightens sallow skin and covers up hyperpigmentation, and yellow hides green/yellow under eye circles.

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becca cosmetics backlight targeted color corrector
exhausted eyes don’t stand a chance against Skyn Iceland's cooling, fast-acting eye gels

Beat the Bags

Between late nights, cocktails, and stress, party season brings the puffiness. Our exhausted eyes don’t stand a chance against these cooling, fast-acting gels, which tame tiredness and banish bags in a flash. As an added bonus, they feel AMAZING on—way better than that old cold spoon trick.

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Go Bold

Drink too much last night? Don’t worry, it's bound to happen during the party-packed holiday season. When we’re super sleepy (and a wee bit hung over), we draw attention away from our tired, puffy eyes by playing up a different feature: our lips! A festive, bright red lipstick is the fastest—and most fashionable—way to fake a well-rested appearance.

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laura geller new york color drenched lip gloss