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b-glowing is proud to be an authorized retailer of at-home waxing brand wakse.

Let’s be real—we don’t know anyone who really enjoys waxing. Unsightly waxing strips, expensive appointments, and questionable ingredients all make this beauty regimen a bit of a chore (not to mention the “ouch” factor). Luckily, a new era of at-home waxing has arrived!

wakse has taken modern beauty to new heights with its glittering, metallic beads that melt to create a liquid gold, rose gold, or silver mercury wax used to remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere. And the best part? No messy strips. waksē spreads on thick and hardens to effortlessly remove hair in a single tug.

wakse’s innovative formula contains a blend of calming essential oils to minimize discomfort (yes, please!), while natural aloe vera and chamomile work to soothe skin. And did we mention just how gorgeous the eye-catching metallic shades are?

We’re not the only ones who think so—the brand has received tons of love on Instagram for their signature gilded aesthetic. Whether you do it for the photo op, or simply in private—wakse provides a waxing experience unlike any other.

Ready to give wakse a try for yourself? Try the super skin-friendly Gold Hard Wax Beans with pineapple extract. Or go ultra-chic with the Rose Gold Hard Wax Beans scented with chocolate for a delectably sweet experience.


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